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Navigating Your Workout Routine After Laser Hair Removal: Essential Tips and Safe Practices

Working Out and Laser Hair Removal -  

A popular procedure for attaining smooth, hair free skin is Laser hair removal. Today we address a common question we receive surrounding this treatment-- can you workout after Laser Hair removal?  We dive a little deeper into the answer below!  

Woman getting under arm laser hair removal at fillir


Sweat VS. Laser - 

Sweating can affect the laser hair removal process in several ways; but first it's best to have a better understanding of how our skin produces sweat. There are two different types of sweat glands, the Eccrine glands, and Apocrine glands. Apocrine glands are located near the hair follicles. The densest sweat glands are in the hairiest areas of our bodies (where laser hair removal is most likely used) So when laser hair removal takes place in these parts, it destroys the base of the hair follicle, which then disrupts the flow of sweat for the time being. This can then cause swelling, rashes and skin irritation. Sweat can also carry bacteria and impurities which may increase the risk of infections or adverse reactions after the laser treatment. After your treatment your skin is sensitive and more susceptible to irritation from sweat and friction.  

For these reasons, it is best to wait 48 hours to return to working out or any excessive heat exposure.  


But don’t worry, if you are an avid fitness guru, there are still some low impact activities you can take part in. The day after your laser hair removal you are to avoid heavily sweating because as mentioned previously the laser removal process can clog the sweat glands leading to swelling, irritation, etc. Some good post-laser alternatives to an intensive workout are light walking, gentle yoga (non heated), and pilates. These are still ways to move your body, just be sure to not overheat, overheating can lead to adverse reactions in the 48 hours post-appointment. That said, be sure to listen to your body for any discomfort.  


Before Treatment Workouts -  

Working out before your laser hair treatment shouldn't be a problem, you can even workout the day of your treatment if desired. If you do decide to do that workout before your appointment, just be sure you cool off, take a cool shower, and dry off completely before arriving. And even if you don’t work out the day of it is still recommended to shower prior to your appointment. 30 minutes to an hour of cool down time is recommended to reduce inflammation. Although it is okay to workout the day of, it is still recommended to avoid exercise the day of if you can.  



Between Appointments - 

Laser hair removal sessions are spaced out about 6-8 weeks, varying from person to person.  When the 48 hours after your session is over, you are okay to return to working out again up until the day prior (or day of) your next session. If you do develop a rash or irritation within those 48 hours, it is advised to wait until that clears up to resume your workout regimen.  


Summary -  

No one likes a halt in there routine, but as far as working out goes, it is advised to wait 48 hours before working out after Laser Hair removal. Avoiding saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, hot showers, and any excessive heat is also recommended. If you do feel the need to move your body after your session, light walks, yoga and pilates are all okay ways to do so, but always double check with your treatment provider!   Keep in mind that laser hair removal operates by directing a powerful laser beam at the hair follicle. It's essential to focus on aiding your skin's healing process and adhere to these instructions to guarantee optimal outcomes! To book your laser hair removal appointment today visit fillir's website or follow fillir on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on services, education, and deals!

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