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Book now and come see our expert injectors for your next aesthetic treatment including: Botox, Dermal/Facial fillers, Lip Filler, RF Microneedling, Laser Genesis and laser hair removal. 

This captivating photograph showcases a beautifully designed office space featuring a stunning greenery wall, modern desk, striking art, and a vibrant plant. The combination of natural and modern elements creates a visually stunning effect that is both sophisticated and inviting. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own workspace or simply appreciate the beauty of well-designed offices, this image is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Hannah P

I had my first Botox and lip filler experience at Fillir and I absolutely loved it. I felt very comfortable having a doctor there as I was getting my procedure, and my injector Ari was very knowledgeable and sweet. My husband goes here as well so Botox dates at Fillir are always a good time!

Jessica G

I had the absolute best experience with fillir. I went in for the “Plump” treatment, which is a half syringe of filler, and the perfect amount for my lips. The treatment was painless and expertly done. Staff were professional and so much fun to chat with. I can’t wait to come back.

Jacob G

Can't say enough about positive things about Fillir!! Absolutely beautiful space in a great location. Procedure and choices explained by the MD and nurse and all questions answered. So nice to have an MD on site to make you feel safe with the procedure. Thanks Fillir for shaving a few years off of this face!! Highly recommend!
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