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Say Goodbye to Dry, Dull Skin with Skinvive’s Hydrating Magic

Discovering the magic of Skinvive~

When science meets beauty, some magical things can be discovered. Today we will be

highlighting Skinvive- an FDA approved injectable that has been making waves in the

skincare world! You may be wondering if Skinvive is another serum or cream – it's not! This

is the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable, that works by improving

the skin's hydration and smoothness, that is now available at fillir.

Skinvive has become a skincare revolution in the world of aesthetics, and at fillir it is

important to us that we keep up with our clients' goals and provide the best treatment

options. We had no hesitation when adding this amazing treatment to our list of services

because it is unlike anything that we currently offer. Administered by our very own nurse

injectors, we felt our clients would love this addition as it is targeted toward all skin types,

tones and ages! In this article we will discuss its magic – from ingredients, how it works

and who is a good candidate for this treatment.

black gloves holding a vile of Skinvive with a syringe

Inside the Magic of Skinvive:

Imagine a potion containing ingredients that could make your skin look years younger,

that's Skinvive! This potion is basically your most luscious and hydrating moisturizer in a

micro-droplet injectable form. Known as a “skinbooster” rather than a filler. There's a

reason this treatment has been used in other countries for many years.

Here are some of the highlighted ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA):

Hyaluronic acid is a very popular ingredient you probably see on the back of many of your

skincare products at home, thanks to its ability to draw and retain moisture. HA is going to

give your skin that hydrated glow, with the plump you desire, as it can hold up to 1000

times its weight in water. Your skin will drink this up.

Amino Acids & Vitamins:

Think building blocks for healthy skin. There is a lot that goes into having that youthful look,

these acids and vitamins help to boost collagen, repair damage, and give you that youthful



Antioxidants protect and repair your skin from the inside out. Preventing premature aging

that can be caused by environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV ray and blue light

damage. We’ll thank them in the long run!

How the Magic works:

As mentioned above, Skinvive isn't your typical cream or injectable filler, but more of an

internal moisturizer. An injectable that enhances your skins quality through microdroplets

of hyaluronic acid placed into the top layer of skin, improving hydration, texture and

appearance without changing facial structure. When injected, Skinvive will disperse and

settle into an even layer in the skin to enhance hydration throughout the entire face.

Prep for this procedure is very minimal. Removal of makeup, cleansing of the skin and 10

minutes of numbing are really the only prep that is needed and will be done prior to

treatment. The treatment only takes about 10-20 minutes. Your provider will inject your

cheek using the microdroplet technique which delivers a series of about 20 injections in

each cheek. Once your injector is finished with both sides, they will go over post-care and

down time with you, which is practically nonexistent considering it is a minimally invasive

treatment. Results can then be seen almost immediately, and continue to improve,

reaching full potential within one month, and are expected to last for up to six months.

Skinvive is the answer to all of your dry and dull skin problems. With FDA approved

ingredients, this will have your skin feeling renewed and hydrated in no time, and did we

mention immediate hydrated results? It is important to note Skinvive can be performed on

all skin tones and types, as well as approved ages. Whether you're looking to improve

texture quality, skin elasticity, or just want that added hydration, Skinvive is the answer for

you! Book your appointment with fillir today using the booking link here or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all things fillir!

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